My “Golden Globes” picks: The short list

This is weird.  I feel like I’ve been to the movies a lot this year,  and saw some great things.  However as I read this list, I find myself either having either a) not seen it, or b) simply no desire. 

I will, however, comment on the ones I have actually seen.  It’s not my desire to reprint the entire list of nominations, so please do read along for yourself if you’re curious to know who I didn’t pick.

Best Actor: Musical or Comedy

My pick is James Franco for Pineapple Express.  I’ve never been a huge fan of his and this film seemed like such a departure from his usual.  Not only was he funny as hell, but if it’s true what he says that he doesn’t smoke pot, then this is a damn convincing performance.  He’s silly and ridiculous without falling into simple parody.

Best Supporting Actor

Now this one possibly could be out of not seeing any of the other noms but my pick is going to be Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight.  If you forget about all they hype, both about Ledger’s death and his insane performance, this is a role that very much shocked me.  Like Franco, I’d not been a huge fan; I didn’t dislike him, I just felt highly indifferent.  His portrayal of the Joker REALLY changed the way I look at him and his body of work and I hope he gets recognized posthumously this awards season. 

Best Animated Feature

Seriously, they should just start calling it the Pixar award cause I’m pulling for Wall-E.  Pixar always gets a lot of credit for how good thier movies look as opposed to the cruder animation of, say, Dreamworks, but where their strength has always truly been is their strong storytelling and character work.  Clearly aimed more at the adult crowd (if you’re too young to have ever fallen in love, you probably won’t understand much of it,) Wall-E shows a side of Pixar that I haven’t seen before.

Best Original Song

This is a category I generally dislike.  Every time a movie is packaged with a single song (ie. My Heart Will Go On,) I can’t help but cringe  a bit.  Sometimes they’re good, but often they’re not.  I haven’t heard any of the other nominees so I suppose I’ll go with Wall-E – Down to Earth by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman.   I don’t have a lot to say, I liked it.  It was nice that the two artists worked together to combine Gabriel’s songwriting with elements of Newman’s score.  Kudos.

Best Television Show – Musical or Comedy


There are so many shows out there, I like a lot of them.  I only make time to follow one of them completely, and that honor goes to the good folks at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton.   The genius of this show is you can watch just about every episode on it’s own or follow the continuous storyline from the first episode onward.  By the way, how cool is Dwight this season?

Which brings me to-

Best Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical

Steve Carrell.  He’s great when he’s funny.  He’s great when he’s serious.  He’s REALLY great when his character is being serious but inadvertantly funny.  Go, Steve, go!

Anyhow, that’s all I got.  I’d like to see some more of these films so as to have more informed opinions.  Personally I’m much more fond of catching the smaller indie/foreign films when they hit theaters.  It’s not that I’m an art snob, it’s just more rare of an experience and without the screaming children! 

Though I did go to the movies last Tuesday.  Saw Repo!  The Genetic Opera.  More on that later.


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