The Alien 3 that could have been


You know, I personally feel that David Fincher’s (heavily compromised) vision of Alien 3 wasn’t bad.  In fact, given that the amount of turmoil and heartache that went into that production (Fincher almost quit making films,) I’d say it was actually a pretty good movie.  The drab, bleak atmosphere turned a lot of people off but I rather liked it, nothing is safe about the world created. 

But people hate Alien 3 for whatever reason.  Personally I like to focus my hate at Alien Resurrection where you had an amazing Director (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amelie) and a script by my favorite writer (Joss Whedon, Buffy/Angel/Firefly) that contained not a shred of anything resembling good storytelling.   But hey, look at this nice tangent I’ve created.

So at some point in 1990, Alien 3, was in the hands of Vincent Ward, director of What Dreams May Come.   From what I’ve read it seems that the setting was to be a church colony, floating about in space.   Designing this world was artist/architect Lebbeus Woods.  Scans of his design for said floating colony reside here.

I dunno, maybe it’s just because they’re sketches, but color me underwhelmed.  I miss the Alien series as it once existed.  Sadly I think if the franchise will ever survive it’ll be by way of a complete reboot which seems all the rage these days (I moan, but I loved Batman Begins and Casino Royale, plus Star Trek looks amazing).




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