A pleasently unexpected side effect

So in my last post I talked about my new music project.  I will remind that while on paper it sounds like a pile of awesome, I’m also extremely rusty and the first pieces are. . . well, rough.  Due to my only having a single day this week in which to sit down and do any work (and considering I’ll be out of town on the Sunday at which I would be required to do a single miss), I will be missing one week.  But I suppose that doesn’t matter as I’ll probably have at least three or four of them completed by the time I purchase the space upgrade.  Maybe more.  Who knows?

But none of that is what I’d like to talk about just now, but rather the side effect of said project. 

In my life, especially the last few years, I’ve had a tendency to second guess myself.  Like, a lot.  Emails go unanswered or take hours to write when 10 minutes would do, the blog goes unupdated, music gets unwritten, the list goes on. 

Well it’s been about two weeks.  And while it’s tough to conjur specific examples, at least not ones that would sound groundbreaking an huge, let me just say that I have experienced what could only be described as a tremendous surge of confidence ever since starting this little experiment.  Once I force myself to just say or do stuff that I can’t simply take back I instantly feel many times better.

Anywho, just felt the need to share that.



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