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I’ve been vacant for a while, let’s try a comeback. Also a project to report.

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post here and an even longer while since I’ve made regular updates.

I’d like to change that. I can’t promise I will, but my intentions are in the right place. I think.

This has been a crazy few months with my work all a flutter over economic turmoil followed by me losing my job followed by me ending up not losing my job. . .

*long sigh of relief*

Okay so I’ve really got nothing to talk about or review or what not, but I’d like to mention a new project that I’m working on.

I call myself a composer but I haven’t really produced anything new and certainly nothing worthwhile for the better part of 3 years. I’ve figured out that the reason for this is my uncanny ability to prematurely self-edit, thereby killing any decent ideas before they can evolve into something better.

That brings me to my project. I will write and record a new song every week. Eventually (in the next month or two) I will purchase the space upgrade so that I can upload these tiny gems for your enjoyment.

The idea is that I will force myself to create and not look back. No matter what, even if it’s garbage, I will have an uploadable audio file by Sunday and delete any project files in order to prevent myself from going back and tweaking. Some will be good, many will be not. In doing this I hope to strengthen trust in my own intuition as I pursue more serious and ambitious project.

Why upload them? Well, what better motivation to get better then to know that just about anyone out there could have a listen? Also I value your feedback.