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Has it been a month?

It’s funny to think there was a time that I updated this thing every day.  Go figure I’ve been too busy experiencing all kinds of things that would be perfect to write about but once I’m done riding the wave of excitement, writer’s block tends to set in.

So I turned to drugs.

Herbs, actually.  Gingko Biloba, liquid form, measured with an eyedropper, 2 times a day, 4-5 on the weekends.  This is not normally the way I solve my problems, but after a little online browsing I decided to give this a try. 

It’s like I can actually see the doors in my head opening, thoughts I’ve been wanting to share peaking out with a clarity I’ve not had access to in years, pretty amazing in that way.   

Of course, the purpose of this treatment is so I can be more prolific on writing music, especially now that I have a very talented wordsmith by the name of Tiana to write me some words for the playing and the singing.  We call them “lyrics” in the business. 

This is why I never followed through with the “Song-of-the-Week” idea (much like the Nightmare reviews that I never followed up on, but that was for different reasons. . . a guy can only rape his own childhood so many times). 

But as the doors continue to open, things will be shared.  Wonderful, and, if things should go bad, painful things.  But who needs yet another blog of angst and depression?  I’m a bit old to go Emo.