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Back From Vacation (posted nearly 2 weeks later)

I typed the following around 2 in the morning on 3/23.  In my state of exhaustion it’s likely I didn’t publish it as I thought I had.  I have things to add about this vacation but now let me just post my little sigh of relief, late as it may be.

I finally understand why people enjoy Vancouver (the one with the maple leaves and the kilometers). Such an awesome place, and it’s also the first time I’ve actually gone on a trip out of town for vacationy purposes as a single man in the better part of a decade.

I had some fun. Maybe not quite as much debauchery as one would hope for but there’s always tomorrow. At least I feel refreshed, though I’m starting to figure out that I’m going to feel like battered hell tomorrow if I don’t get some sleep.

Will write soon, promise.